MINKOMINKO mindworks branding and logo for food startup be:nutty

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We thought, our clients Melanie and Alex had to be nuts about peanuts when they decided to become Europe’s first producer of peanut milk. So naming their brand „be:nutty“ came quite naturally to us. Even more so since the peanut’s not even a real nut but a fruit. Within the logo the „be“ became the perfect stage for their beloved peanut and any other message they’d like to spread: be healthy, be happy, be yourself… Since their product innovation never made it to the shelves, the founder’s never got to pick one of the packaging designs we’ve designed. So you get to see the first drafts for the „be:nutty PEANUT DRINK“.

MINKOMINKO mindworks branding and packaging design for food startup be:nutty
Cup Design for Potential Gastronomy Collaborations
Paper Bag of Peanuts
Just a Paper Bag full of Peanuts
Our (pea)nutty Logo in Action
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