Branding for ParentPreneurs Network

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Once we’ve read the ParentPreneurs Manifesto we were head over heels for this branding project. Their mission was our journey: Make founding a business as easy as possible for young parents. The brand colors simply had to be uplifting and approachable. The logo unmistakable: A parent kickstarting a business while at the same time holding hands with his or her kid. Our favorite webdesigner Désirée Heusl from marqant created a web experience that’s just on point: fun, informative and scalable. Meanwhile, while we were constructing instagram and presentation templates with Canva for the first time ever, we became real pros in this area which helped a lot with other projects. And now as we witness the network grow day by day we couldn’t be happier.

Webdesign for ParentPreneurs Network
Webdesign by Désirée Heusl (
ParentPreneurs Network Branding Shirt "my baby. my business."
ParentPreneurs Logo on Shirt
ParentPreneurs Branding Instagram Feed Design
ParentPreneurs Instagram Feed
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