HELLO Dachau Logo created by MINKOMINKO mindworks.

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As one of our first projects we got to develop a branding concept for Maria’s co-working und meeting space HELLO DACHAU. The logo design had to be adjustable in order to incorporate current and upcoming sub-brands such as HELLO MIND, Maria’s coaching business. If you look closely, you see that the sign contains the letters H-E-L-L-O as a perfect base for everything that follows: BODY, SOUL, WORK… The colors were chosen according the needs of above mentioned words. A warm yellow for letting go, a bright orange-red for an energy boost and so on. 

"HELLO Body" versatile logo created by MINKOMINKO mindworks.
"HELLO DACHAU" sub-brands
HELLO Dachau Branding im Raum.
Open Workspace, Photography by julia-romeiss.de
HELLO Dachau Website und Instagram
Logo incorporated in Website | Instagram Feed Design
HELLO Dachau Styleguide / Corporate Design Guide zum Branding
Styleguide for HELLO Dachau
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