Branding and Design for Grit Superfoods Food Startup

packaging design | product claims

The two daring ladies from Twostay – a start-up for alternative office spaces – are showing real grit by launching a product way out of their comfort zone. In close collaboration with the highly talented artist Lara Schmitt we created a fun and unique packaging design for their food startup and its first product: maca powder, which is known to enhance your passion but is usually dressed up in a brown paper bag. Lara’s illustrations were inspired by our slightly in-your-face product claim: Machu Picchu in your pants!

Packaging Design with Illustrations for Grit Superfoods Food Startup
Packaging Design
Label and Business Card Design for Superfoods Food Startup
Product Label & Business Card Design
Poster Design für Claim / Slogan for Food Startup Grit
Poster with our Claim
Styleguide for Branding Food Startup grit
Styleguide for food startup grit
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