mindworks realized.

Here's a selection of our favorite clients and branding projects.
And as we're not your regular creative agency, you'll not only find finished
designs but also half-baked campaign ideas and even some journalistic work.
So, please feel free to check out how we roll and what we do.
MINKOMINKO mindworks München smart Branding for Hello Dachau Coworking Space.

Hello Dachau

logo design | style guide | instagram templates

MINKOMINKO mindworks München bold Branding for Tech Startup FamilyPunk.


style guide | web design | instagram templates | campaign concept

MINKOMINKO mindworks München tasty Branding for ninastrada Foodblog.


logo design | style guide

MINKOMINKO mindworks München bright Branding for Online Marketing Consultant OM3.

om3 consult

logo design | claim | style guide | linkedin header | stationary

MINKOMINKO mindworks München badass Branding for Food Startup grit.


packaging design | product claims

MINKOMINKO mindworks München yummy Branding for Food Startup be:nutty.


naming | logo design | packaging design

ParentPreneurs Branding Project


logo design | website | style guide | design templates

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